Entry #8

New Music for 2016

2016-04-07 12:33:31 by Myheaven-420

Well, last night I got over my worries and just posted some music. At the moment I feel like I'm working with a huge learning curve, but I'm loving the knowlege that I am gaining. Currently, I've decided to just throw myself in and actually invest on some equipment to make more music. It's something I've never really done but life is too short and I feel like if I continue to just work and not acknowlege my want to create music, then I will go mad. So here is to the future!!! I plan on posting more music and for those that take the time to check out my latest upload, thanks much and I hope you enjoy. Positive vibes to you all and hope your day is well:)


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2016-04-07 13:08:33

Go for it.