my music

2007-08-23 16:04:33 by Myheaven-420

Hey people this is Myheaven-420 well im just puttin this up for all of you to read, i have posted some new music of mine and hope that you would come and check out my profile page and hear the music for yourself. also please vote on it and hopfully download it as well. much love to all of ya'll



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2007-08-23 16:45:31

loved faded rapture, the other one though did nothing for me :(

Myheaven-420 responds:

Thanks for the comment, im glad that you liked some songs, but yeah im working on newer ones, maybe you'll like another


2007-08-23 22:28:58

My favorites are If I Could Tell Only You and the Piano Jamz Remix. Faded Rapture was nice, too.

You might try varying your harmonies a bit more. Or, really, adding a bit more variation to everything. Not too much, mind you, but most of your songs have an element that plays through the entire time, which become very reptetitive, especially as the song is nearing its end.

Also, the sound is somewhat 'tinny,' but I think that's more the equipment/software you use. If possible, try making the sound fuller.

Keep up the good work.

Myheaven-420 responds:

Thanks for the comment, and dont worry im still working on makin ma sound as different as possible, i am workin on mixing some things up a bit and practicing a whole lot more so my songs can only get better right??? lol. but thanks once again and keep a look out for more songs,